Former Police Officer found guilty of making payments to news international

A former police officer has been found guilty of misconduct in a public office following payments to news international.

Darren Jennings who served as a police officer was found guilty of misconduct in a public office, he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for passing personal information to a national newspaper and taking a payment.

He found guilty of supplying information to the Sun News Desk, providing information of criminal proceedings.

This included alleged affairs, mishandling of a prisoner and gossip regarding the private lives of other police colleagues.

The court heard how detectives uncovered emails from Jennings to the journalist, accepting a contract with the newspaper and requesting £10,000 for the information he had provided. There was no evidence found that the payment was ever made.

Motivated only by the prospect of financial gain, the officer made no official internal complaint regarding the behaviour of his colleague.

Jennings was arrested on Wednesday, 19 September 2012, at his home in Wiltshire on suspicion of misconduct in a public office, contrary to common law and suspicion of conspiracy to commit misconduct in public office contrary to the Criminal Law Act 1977.

The arrest was made as a result of information provided to police by News Corporations Management Standards Committee and the investigation was supervised by the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

On 20 August 2013, he was charged with on or around 6 September 2010 he committed misconduct in public office. Contrary to common law.

Jennings became a police officer in 2002 and was based at Salisbury on a response team.

He was dismissed from Wiltshire Police in December 2013 following a disciplinary hearing for an unrelated matter.