Criminals to be hired as Police Officers under relaxed vetting rules.

It has been revealed that criminals have a much better chance at becoming a police officer after the Met Police has relaxed it recruitment rules.

They will now allow perviously banned offenders to apply to become a police officer which include burglars, muggers and drug dealers, who are all now able to apply to become police officers under the new rules.

The Met Police will now even look at applicants who have been rejected due to their criminal history.

But if you want to become a police officer, you don’t have a criminal record and live outside of London sadly you will be banned from applying to join the Met police.

The College of Policing have told Police Hour they cannot reveal a full list of convictions that will allow a person to become a police officer and the public will never know which officers have convictions.

The new rules mean other forces across the United Kingdom will be forced to allow all those with a criminal record to become police officers.

But fear not over 900 Police Officers and Police Community Support Officers have already broken the law and been convicted of a criminal offence in the job and never got the sack which include offences for drug dealing, domestic violence, robbery and burglary so maybe we should not be too worried considering their is already criminals within the ranks.