Child Rape case collapses as judge falls asleep during key evidence

A child abuse case has collapsed after the judge fell asleep while a young witness was giving her testimony within a rape and sexual abuse case.

Recorder Philip Cattan (The Judge) aged 65 is believed to have dropped off during key evidence from one of the alleged victims of the child abuse when giving her evidence by video link.

John Quigley aged 49 was standing trail accused of 10 sexual offences against children which include rape and sexual assault against a child, at Manchester Crown Court.

The Judge was forced to discharged the jury and ordered a retrial after affecting the right to a fair trail.

The move will cost the taxpayer £10,000.

The Crown Prosecution Service has confirmed the trail of R V John Quigley has been discharged following an issue which occurred during cross-examination of the first complainant in the case.

The trial will be re-listed as soon as possible.