Asda Hartlepool frozen food scandal

Asda Hartlepool has been named and shamed in a whistle blowing scandal which claims the  superstore based in Hartlepool has broken food safety laws in the which in which it handles frozen food, putting public health at risk.

Images have emerged on social media which show video footage of frozen food cages which has been left out in the warehouse for 24 hours and allowed to fully defrost.

The frozen foods which have not been stored in a freezer are then re-frozen for public sale.


The video footage which has emerged on Facebook shows a clear failure in the stores frozen process and a failure within the stores management team.

Another video posted to the Facebook page shows that a frozen product has completely de-frosted.

Frozen food which has been refrozen has a high risk of causing food poisoning, as when the food is thawed the bacteria grows rapidly.