Police Clamber over Rocks on Hartlepool Marina in sea distress call.

Two Helicopters along with Emergency Services including the coastguard and RNLI are conducting a search In Hartlepool following a distress call, promoting a multi-agency response.

The search began at around 1050pm following reports of a person in distress.

It follows reports of a man threatening to throw himself into the sea.

Two helicopters have been searching the area just off the coast of Hartlepool Mariner with spotlights illuminated.

One eyewitness told Police Hour that the ‘Police helicopter is out over hartlepool marina. Coastguard is out and county police car. Police are climbing all over the rocks going into the sea.’

Police have taped off an area on the pier where officers were seen clambering the rocks.

The Air-Support unit remained at the scene for two and a half hours before leaving at 1.30am.

The male left after two a half hours in a waiting ambulance.