Young woman seriously injured at Appleby Horse Fair

A woman has been taken to hospital by Air Ambulance following an incident at Appleby Horse Fair.

It is believed the woman was struck by a horse running at high speed as she watched on Long Marton Road leaving her seriously injured.

The incident occurred on the Flash an area where members of the public are warned their safety cannot be guaranteed.

A number of red signs are displayed within the area that say ‘Danger, Risk of injury from horses your safety cannot be guaranteed. Do not walk on the road. Use footways and marked routes.

The flash traditionally takes place on Long Marton Road, and is used to race other travellers on horses at high speeds, often for the purpose to show off the speed of horses to potential buyers who gather along the flash in large numbers.

The incident occurred at 3.59pm on Sunday 8th June 2014 she was involved in a collision with a horse.

The 36-year-old woman was injured on Long Marton Road in Appleby.

She was flown to the Cumberberland Infirmary by air ambulance in a serious condition, it is believed her injuries are non-life threatening.