Worldcup Violence woman threatens to rip face off paramedics treating drunken woman

West Midlands Ambulance Service attended reports of a semi-conscious woman at a pub during a world cup match at the Duke of York pub in Market Street, Telford.

Upon arrival they were greeted with a hostile environment an treats from members of the public, while they attempted to treat a woman she blocked there access and made threats to the paramedics.

West Midlands Ambulance service has confirmed paramedics were refused access to treat a woman, threats were made that they would have their faces ‘ripped off’.

Police attended the pub, the female who made the threats then made off from the scene.

Rob Marsh area manager for West Midlands Ambulance Service told Police Hour “we understand people are upset ay the football result and have had excessive alcohol there is no excuse to be verbally abused in this way is absolutely abhorrent.”