Policeman who was first of scene to £2 Million jewellery heist the biggest in Edinburgh rapped

Disgusting Police Chief has given a Police Officer a dressing down after he was the first on scene to the biggest jewellery heist in Edinburgh because he did not cancel a pre-arranged appointment.

The Police Officer made the spilt second decision when an immediate priority zero call was shouted across the forces airways channel requiring all officers to attend the ongoing incident.

Officer were requested to respond to a highly dangerous robbery at Hamilton and Inches a jewellers in Edinburgh, Which transpired to be the biggest heist in the city. when he returned to the station his superintendent was waiting as he had failed to cancel a pre-arranged meeting.

The brave officer arrived first on the scene, of the £2million armed robbery on Friday, his supervision failed to praise him for his actions and instead gave him a dressing down.

An insider has told Police Hour that it is currently the talk of Police stations across Scotland, non of the officers can believe he found himself in hot water for cancelling a low priority meeting with a complainant to attend a dangerous emergency call in which members of the public were at immediate risk.

The Police Officer who was crewed with another cop, were in the diary car which visits people via a set appointment time, to report crime, however on their way to the address they were in the area of the ongoing incident and diverted as they believed it was a priority as they received information that a gang of four men armed with hammers, machetes and axes were raiding the jewellers.

He alerted the force control room that he needed to cancel the appointment however would not allow him too, telling him he would have to cancel it himself.

The incident creates divides and concerns between operational police officers and their supervision.