999 Call Bomb hoax so brother can finish work early

Luke Brown aged 18 has been sentenced to six months in a young offenders institution after causing a bomb hoax at the Castle Mall food court.

So his brother who worked at Burger King could get out of work early, He called 999 and made ‘unsophisticated’ threats to the police saying he had received a letter which stated a bomb would go off within the shopping centre.

The Call handler within the control room question him a number of times over his identity, the letter and the validity of the claims within the letter, Brown refused to give away further details in relation to the threat raising the call handlers suspicions he replied ‘I’m not sure’ and ‘I don’t know.’

Brown called the police control room on Thursday March 6th, at 11.44am. he told the call handler there’s a bomb going off in Castle Mall in six hours time.

Fast thinking call handlers requested how he knew of this information to which brown claimed he had received a letter at 9am that told him a bomb would go off in the food court, he was asked if he had the letter still to which he replied he had ‘burnt it’.

The call handler then makes him fully aware that the police take these calls very seriously and follow a set protocol when dealing with such threats, Brown remained silent.

In response the call handler questioned him about the delay in receiving the letter and contacting the police, he advised police that he believed it was serious because his brother worked in the food court.

Police  deployed nine officers which included a police dog handler, two Police Community Support Officers and a Scenes of Crime Officer.

A police unit was deployed as an emergency to a phone box on Long John Hill were brown was still on the line to police officers and detained.

Brown of Arnold Miller Road, pleaded guilty to communicating false information about a bomb hoax and was sentenced at Norwich Crown Court on Friday June 6th to six months in a young offenders institution and ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £80.