Officers Praised following incident involving armed man in restaurant

Police were called to a restaurant on Wilmslow Road in West Didsbury following reports of a male with a knife,

upon arrival to the incident a 52-year-old male was on the floor within the restaurant with a knife, he was holding the knife to his chest and threatened to kill himself.

Police officers negotiate for over half, Police were forced to take positive action after the male grabbed more knifes and put the knife to his chest.

Police Tasered and restrained the male, following the incident he was sectioned under the mental health act and taken to a secure hospital.

The Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Sir Peter Fahy has praised officers following theĀ incident.

Sir Peter Fahy said, “These officers acted with great patience and courage and brought a very worrying situation to a safe conclusion. It is just one of the many difficult incidents GMP staff deal with every day trying to keep the public safe. Many sadly involve those suffering from mental illness, or the effects of drugs and or alcohol. There have also been significant drugs and firearm seizures over the past week and very lengthy prison sentences imposed on those involved in the escape from a prison van in Salford. All this is happening as the number of officers in the force reduces by, on average, one a day.”

“There is a risk that the recent publicity about national cases and inspections of particular processes is masking tremendous dedication shown by police officers and other staff every day. We deal with a diverse population with many social problems and serious incidents happening at every hour of the day. The police force is far from perfect but I see examples every day of great professionalism and compassion not reflected in the national publicity. It is important we get the paperwork right and comply with the procedures laid down but the complexity of many of the incidents we deal with do not always neatly fit the rule book.”

“What is important in these situations is that staff show compassion and determination to get the best outcome for the public as the officers did at the incident in Didsbury.”