Triple killer awarded £800 after broken nasal clippers during prison move.

A Triple killer has mocked the british justice system after being award £800 in compensation after he lost his orange juice and his nasal clippers were broken.

He was being moved to another prison after stabbing three guards and complained he had his clippers damaged.

Kevan Thakrar failed to get an apology following the damage during prison moves.

He was jailed after killing three men with a machine gun.

His claim was successful on the ground he was stressed from the loss of nose-clipper, loss of photographs, letters and a carton of juice.

Thakrar has been in jail since 2008 after gunning down three men in Bishop’s Stortford over a £30K cocaine deal.

In 2010 he barricaded himself in a cell while he was at high-security Frankland Prison in County Durham.

He then stabbed three prison guards severely severing Craig Wylde’s Major artery.

Then attacking Claire Lewis saying he was going to kill her before stabbing her in the back.

He then slashed another officer in the face.

Guards then moved him to Woodhill Prison near Milton Keynes, when his property was lost and damaged.

He rejected a £10 compensation by the Prison and Probation Ombudsman.

The claim went to civil court and he won the case because he did not received an apology.