Shocking Police Constable sacked over @TheBritishCop tweets

A Police Constable has been sacked over tweets that claim senior police officers are ‘lower than slime’

It’s claimed that Tony Ryan aged 33 is accused to be behind the twitter account which is described the account as ‘British cop on the inside. Fighting against bureaucracy and crap management. Trying to provide a decent service. Not responsible for incompetence of PSD’

He’s now reported to have been sacked after sending more than 800 tweets which claimed his bosses treat ‘hard-working staff like garbage’.

The police constable with Avon and Somerset Constabulary was dismissed from the force for gross misconduct after the disciplinary panel decided he was the officer behind the account based on the ‘balance of probability’.

Police launched an investigation into the account which matched tweets with the cops duties and the information he was aware of, coming to the conclusion he was the officer responsible for the account.

Tony has told the media he Is in ‘disbelief’ over the process he denies he is behind the account.