Brother and Sister given behaviour book after spitting in bus drivers face

A brother and sister Jason Fallas aged 20 and Chelsea Fallas aged 21 spat and swore at bus driver Ingrid Cumberbatch.

Instead of being punished by the courts the pair were sentenced to attending a ‘victim empathy session’ and to complete ‘positive thinking workbook’.

In order to ensure forensic evidence was not lost Mrs Cumberbatch had to keep the spit on her face so that DNA swabs could be taken and then spent hours in A&E yo be tested for any infections as a result.

They spat at the driver when she stopped to ensure the bus kept to its timetable.

Jason began shouting at the female bus driver and was ordered to leave the bus, as he was leaving he spat at her face.

His sister unhappy with the incident noticed she was dialling 999 and spat in her face.

Jason then got back on the bus spitting at the bus driver again.

Both admitted common assault and threatening behaviour.