Boy aged 12 hangs himself after being tormented by bullies

A 12 Year old boy has hanged himself after he came home from school upset It is believed. Kyle Darker aged 12 was tormented by bullies reports suggest.

He was found hanged by his devastated parents just 15 minutes after he had finished his lessons at school for the day.

Kyle was rushed to hospital by the North West Air Ambulance where he was pronounced dead.

His Aunt wrote on Facebook Margaret Tunnacliffe, wrote: ‘Tonight we lost our very happy, outgoing and funny little boy. We are going to miss you terribly, sweetheart.’

A close friend wrote: ‘RIP Kyle. How can you bully somebody so much that they feel they need to end their own life? It’s disgusting and knocks me sick.’

Kyle who attended St Patrick’s RC High School in Eccles was a year 7 student, he had suffered bullying since he arrived at the school.

Kyle death was announced to the school this morning by headteacher Barbara Roberts in a special assembly.