A man who registered his dog to vote faces criminal investigation

A man who registered his dog to vote in the up and coming European elections now faces a criminal investigation.

Russell Hoyle a security guard from Stockton  registered his dog to vote.

He then appeared in local newspapers and on TV bragging that his dog had been registered to vote after he provided his dogs name on the door step tp the electoral common shaming Stockton Council for sending him and his dog a voting card.

He will now be arrested and interviewed under caution by Stockton CID, for an alleged offence of providing false information to the electoral register, the offence being the adding of his dog to the register.

Hoyle admitted in a television interview that he told the officer that “We have got Zeus living here as well and he is 63 in dog years.”

MR Hoyle now faces a fix penalty notice or a prison sentence, It is understood he has not yet visited the police station at the time of publication and has denied the offence, via a local newspaper called the Evening Gazette.