20 wild boars remain at large, No threat to public however may charge at approaching people #OpBoars

South Wales Police have confirmed that 20 Wild Boars remain at large in Measteg following after what is believed to be ‘vandals’ cutting fences at the farm in Llangnwyd.

Once the fencing was cut 20 Wild Boars escaped, although police are now suggesting these are not an immediate threat to public safety. they  may charge at anyone who approaches them.

The Wild boars will be disorientated and confused as they have never been out of their pens.

Police have confirmed that Wild Boars are usually nocturnal, foraging in early morning and late afternoon and evening. 

Inspector Paul Thomas said: “These animals are recognised as posing a potential threat.  People should take as much care as possible.  We are investigating the criminal damage and the release of dangerous wild animals, which can carry a sentence in prison”.

“Six people have been arrested in connection to this incident and are currently in police custody pending further investigation”.

The owner of the farm holds a dangerous animals licence and had the necessary fencing in place to prevent escapes.

Any sightings should be reported to South Wales Police on 101