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The former Chief Constable of Cleveland Police has revealed he plans to appeal Cleveland Police decision to dismiss him following no evidence being found against him for offences in which he was on police bail for over two and a half years.

today it was revealed that all charges have been dropped following lack of evidence within the case.

Sean Price has now confirmed he never committed any criminal actions and fully plans to now appeal his sacking from the force.

His witnesses in which would have supported his evidence were blocked from giving evidence to support him as they were all under criminal investigations themselves, all those involved have now had criminal charges against them dropped.

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  1. Bullying, Witch Hunts and victimisation are rife throughout the ranks at Cleveland Police! Not just at the top! So many innocent officers dismissed or being made to resign, with careers & lives destroyed! Needs someone like Lois Theroux to uncover it all! It will all come out eventually and bring down Cleveland Police, in my opinion. Does anybody have faith in it now? it’s all to make cuts! Yet, the money spent on these creative ‘investigations’ far exceeds any savings! I hope sean Price et al sue them all after what they’ve all endured. And lets hold Professional Standards accountable or Whoever is responsible for getting this all wrong.

  2. But according to the news there is no criminal convictions.But there is still “wrong doings” that are still getting investigated.So he’s best off not getting his job back.If you think about everything Cleveland Police are best off getting somebody else as all the money spent on the investigation will only keep getting brought up.So they can’t win either way if he kept his job or not.