A nomination that challenges people to post a no make up selfie has raised £15K for cancer research after it went viral on social media network Facebook.

The nominations which challenge ladies to post a selfie to Facebook without make up has successfully raised awareness for cancer research getting people talking and has so far raises £15K.

Men have now taken on the challenge and are now posting images of make up selfies to further raise awareness.

Some men have also took to Facebook and posted pictures of their private parts covered.

If you would like to raise some money please text BEAT to 70099 texts cost £3.00.

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  1. Make sure closer magazine gets a copy of this post pls. A beauty company donated a grand last year for 1000 women to dare2bare. Then had the balls to say we all missing the point by doin no make up selfies! Closer magazine posted about it and i saw it on a friends fb page. Damn right i had my oar in to put em right! Keep it up ladies n lads..we deffo makin a difference!!