#Neknominate Woman strips to underwear in Stockton Job Centre

Simone Reed, who claims to be Miss Teesside From Stockton has emerged on-line as an internet sensation after after she walked in to Stockton Job Centre in her underwear to carry out a NeKNomiation.

The video shows Simone Reed who claims to be Miss Teesside walking in the the Job Centre in Stockton and strip down to her underwear in a Neknominate challenge which she claims is part of a protest over her benefits.

She walks in to the job centre while being filmed by her friend on a mobile phone, as soon as she takes off the coat she reveals that she is a black bra, pants, stockings along with trainers and gold hooped ear rings.

with her can in hand she starts shouting that she is protesting against her job centre allowance sanctions that have been placed against her.

She is quickly kicked on to the street in her bra and nickers and told to grow up.

She Necks her drink and nominates another friend.