Introducing 4Policing a policing consultancy.

A great new concept 4Policing has launched!

4Policing is a new fantastic concept that brings together top former police officers from around the country.

4Policing is a new consultancy group with a wealth of experience, they bring together a huge range of expertise encompassing the whole spectrum of modern policing.

The consultancy group brings together former Chief Constable Stuart Hyde QPM and Author and Media commentator Mike Pannett.

4Policing will be here to provide a consultancy service which supports clients I’m making the best and most pragmatic decisions in an extremely challenging environment.

The groups lead on E-Crime is Director Stuart Hyde, the former ACPO lead on Cyber Crime in the UK and an internationally recognised authority on what has been identified as the most rapidly growing global volume crime.

The unmatched expertise the 4Policing Group can offer in this field provides clients an opportunity to lead – rather than follow in the new arena of fighting Cyber Crime.

Visit the website 4Policing