homophobic attack student actually fell over

A student who reported that he had been a victim of a violent homophobic attack after a night out in Blackpool has admitted he feel over.

Richard Kennedy an 18-year-old theatre student had claimed on Facebook he was a victim of a homophobic attack which was shared over 160,000 times after he posted the graphic images and a statement claiming he had been attacked.

Kenndy posted to Facebook that he was disgusted that in 2014 a person can still be a victim of a homophobic attack, prompting a police investigation.

Police had earlier in the week told Breaking News Police that he had been claimed by Kennedy that he was verbally abused by a gang of men who pushed him to the ground and stamped on him outside Evoque Nightclub which he had been drinking within.

Police had traced CCTV images in an attempted to trace the offenders which showed student actually falling over on his walk home, rather than being attacked as he had claimed.

Police have since shown Kennedy the images, he accepted that he caused the injuries by falling over. Police have decided he will not be charged for wasting police time.