Facebook Bans Mother of her new born son born with Severe Birth Defect

A young mother has been left angry after Facebook have banned her from posting a photo to the social media site following the birth of her son who was born with a severe birth defect.

Heather Walker gave birth to her beautiful new born named Grayson James Walker lived for just eight hours after he was born on February 15th 2012, Grayson was born with a fatal condition called Anencephaly meaning he was born with parts of his brain and skull missing.

Mum Heather posted a photo to Facebook without his hat on which resulted in her being banned from Facebook and the photo removed.

Heather was left furious as she has seen videos of almost nude pictures and vile videos which Facebook fail to remove, However they removed her photo of her beautiful baby boy.

Heather was banned for 24 hours and has now took to Facebook to raise awareness of what has happened.