Young Salesman dies after downing two pints of gin #NekNominate

A British salesman has died four days after taking part in #NecNominate in which he downed two pints of Gin.

20-Year-old Bradley Eames uploaded the video to Facebook just days before of him downing two pints of gin.

Within the video Bradley is seen to mix two pints of Gin and then mixes them with Teabags telling viewers ‘This is how you drink.’

Four days after the video he was discovered dead in his home.

Police have confirmed thar a post-morrem examination was inconclusive and that NecNominate is forming part of the investigation.

Bradley is possibly the third British NecNominate death in days.

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Trevor Sherwood is the Editor of Police Hour. Trevor studied Crime and Investigation at Teesside Uni and has a background within policing.


  1. I hope who ever nominated him feels shit!
    This so called Game is out of control! When will people realise?? Obviously when it’s too late!

  2. harsh as it seem’s , I don’t feel sorry 4 ppl like these , Only feel sorry 4 the parent’s. its been worldwide this drinking game rubbish actually KILLS ppl , its worldwide 4 heaven sake and people still do it as I suppose they think ‘Oh it won’t happen 2 me’ my thorts r with his parent’s n his parents ONLY. ppl choose 2 take part in this game NOT forced. being forced is being tied 2 a chair / pin down arm’s down and make 2 swallow. More important things and better things going on in this world. #MYVIEW

  3. Oh well…thats one less stupid idiot to worry about. Stop giving these total arseholes publicity! THAT’S WHAT THEY WANT! Let them do their worst…it’s only the poor families left behind I feel sorry for.

  4. He died 2 days later, doesn’t say it was the drink that killed him. Only feel bad for the family, people blaming a game for blatant stupidity is laughable. It’s up to you to ignore it. Natural selection weeding out the idiots from the gene pool.

  5. If ppl didnt do stupid things it wouldnt happen, there has been deaths before this and still they do silly things like Pints of gin!! It’s a terrible loss for his family and friends but why take it too far!!

  6. I love how idiots are saying ‘nominators should be challenged’ really?! Soooo if someone told you to walk infront of a car, drink battery acid or jump off a bridge would you?! No you wouldnt!! Its not the game its the way its played! Its not the nominators its the nominees who CHOOSE to drink copious amounts of random crap they wouldnt think about touching any other time. When are people going to start making others take responsibility for their OWN actions! Choices and consequences people…..

  7. He chose to drink what he did no1 forced him why cant people take some responsibility its always someone elses fault! Iv seen people nominated that have refused or had a pint of tea or water its a personal choice!

  8. Why should whoever nominated him feel bad? If u got nominated would u do the drink? I know i wouldnt iv told my friends i think its stupid and wont be doing any videos, it was his choice to do it and his choice what he put in there. Noone told him what to drink the person who nominated probably does have it playing on their mind but its in no way anyones fault but stupidity of the lad drinking the drink so that was a really stupid comment from you Vicky Piotrowski-Ochiela

  9. If people had a bit of common sense and didn’t drink ridiculous concoctions that are obviously going to kill then then we wouldnt have this problem….natural selection. Dumbest die first. Why do you think the dodos died out???

  10. dodo’s diedd out because they had no natural predators until us humans discovered them, therefore i think thats a bit harsh on the dodo’s faye

  11. Pathetic isn’t it. A lad at work told me he had been nominated the other day, I told him to delete them immediately from facebook, dick heads. What sort of friend gambles on your life? Although obviously you’re a bell end if you go through with it.

  12. I feel for his mum and dad , he didn’t think he was going too die he prob would have thought he would be sick and then wake up with a headache, poor boy it’s very sad

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