Wave hit cruise ship customers get 25% off next cruise

The wife of tragic James Swinstead who died aboard the Marco Polo cruise ship said she was offered 25 per cent off her next holiday as compensation.

Helen, James’s wife were both having dinner  in the Waldorf Room on the sixth deck of the cruise liner when a freak wave blasted through four windows.

One of the windows hit James, of Eight Ash Green, killing his almost immediately.

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  1. do thay realy think she will want to go on one again silly idiots thay should be prosecuted for manslaughter going out in the worse storm for 100 years if you read this please don’t except it get good advice and sorry about your lose

  2. What a massive insult :O its easy seeing these companies dont deal with people face to face. Whoever did that needs to pay with there job and this poor woman compensated properly and with respect….

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