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Monday, March 8, 2021

Tortured Baby P Mother wants 7K NHS gastric band to sexually please new lover

Mother of tortured Baby P Tracey Connelly has applied for a gastric band on the NHS because she is too fat.

She wants tax payers to fork out massive seven grand to satisfy her new lover.

Connelly was refused a gastric band in November but was told she could still have the operation If she looses weight.

Connelly managed to put on an extra two stone meaning she wasn’t allowed the operation in November.

Tortured Baby P Mother wants 7K NHS gastric band to sexually please new lover 3
Trevor Sherwood
Trevor Sherwood is the editor and news reporter covering national and international news crime and policing news.

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  1. This is all ya hear. Child abusers, murderers, rapists the list goes on, Getting fkn rewarded for their disgusting crimes! These poor bairns are been shown no fkn respect no justice! So this baby was not only let down in the most horrific way by his own mother but also this sick fkn country with no bastard justice system! Choke the twat with it that’s what us with hearts would have done to it the fat cow!

  2. i think the lover needs a 7K brain check!!! i take that back coz he obviously does not have a brain!!! does he not know what this evil poor excuse of a human did to her child!!! get a grip and leave her!!!!

  3. like shes entitled to anything! she clearly doeant feel bad about what she did to her own flesh and blood, how can she! shes going about like nothing happened. its bad enough the monster is out and about n still breathing! ultimate scum!!

  4. Tell the fat cunt to fucking jogg on the fat scruff cunt. It makes ye sick the thought of her expecting all those hard working ppl to pay for her operation the fat raged cunt i wudnt mine if it was to kill her or hang her i wud happily pay the seven grand meself…