Police seize 50 puppies in illegal puppy farms

Durham Constabulary along with the RSPCA has raided raised six properties at dawn this morning where it is suspected organised criminals are running illegal puppy farms.

Durham Constabulary have seized 50 dogs is dawn raids across Shotton and Haswell in County Durham.

The gang are suspected to be seeking jackhuahus which are a cross between a Jack Russell and a Chilhuahua.

The puppy’s were sold online and are believed to have fell quickly ill and died in some cases.

One person who does not wish to be named has spoken to Breaking News confirming they had been charged £250.00 for a puppy shortly after purchasing the puppy a ‘Roxy Jackowwa’ which fell ill within 24 hours within purchasing the puppy it had died.

Six people have been arrested and are currently being questioned by the police.