Passengers Stuck on East coast Train near Durham

An East coast train near Durham has tonight been stranded with its passengers on board without heating or lights for five hours.

The East Coast London to Edinburgh service left newcastle at 1830 and got into difficulty.

The Passengers heard a loud bang in-between York and Doncaster, The pantograph on the train had blown off in strong winds.

The incident has caused a number of other East Coast Trains to be delayed in the North of England.

Michael Stowe a passenger on a delayed three and a half hour service to Darlington told Breaking News he was stranded on a cold train for three and a half hours with no sign of movement.

He confirmed all the passengers were cold and had been given a blanket to keep warm.

The service reached Darlington at 2.30am after a three and a half hour delay.

Michael added that East Coast did ‘marvellous in a crappy situ’.