Grimsby Home Raided

A GRIMSBY couple have been left “devastated” after a thief smashed their kitchen window with a lump of concrete and entered their home as they slept upstairs.

Lydia Boyd and Kier Watson were awoken at 2.30am on Saturday, by the sound of shattering glass, but by the time they got downstairs, the culprit had escaped with her Ralph Lauren handbag in a smash-and-grab type raid.

The pair have been left devastated, shaken and suffering sleepless nights.

Among the items in the bag were some personal diaries.

The couple have now backed an appeal from Humberside Police to residents not to leave valuables in view of windows.

Lydia said: “We have been devastated by the burglary. It is shocking to think that no matter how much you protect your home someone can still break in.

“I haven’t slept because we are freaked out by it all. All my personal stuff has gone. Those diaries are very personal. They have all my movements and important dates.”

The diaries were in her handbag along with £60 cash, bank cards, a Dolce and Gabbana watch and a treasured ring.

Also taken was a Clinique compact make-up bag.

They were all contained in the Ralph Lauren black shoulder bag with red trim which she had bought in New York.

It also had a black Guess ladies’ purse inside.

The owner said she hoped residents living in the Bargate area would search their gardens or outbuildings to check if the handbag was discarded, after the cash was taken from it.

She said: “In the hope of it being dumped in a wheelie bin or a garden, we want as many people to know about this as possible, and maybe prevent it happening to anyone else.”

Kier said: “You don’t expect someone to be prowling around looking in your windows.

“It is opportunist and it has caused a lot of aggro and hastle.”

A Humberside Police spokeswoman said: “A designer handbag was stolen from a chair inside the property.

“Police would like to remind people about the importance of not leaving valuable items on display. These can attract the unwanted attention of opportunist thieves.”

Anyone with information in connection with the burglary was asked to contact Humberside Police by calling 101 and quoting crime reference AA/2020225.