Driver crashes 28k BMW on the M181 half hour after buying it

Police say a motorist had a lucky escape after crashing his brand new BMW on the M181 near Scunthorpe, less than half an hour after buying it.

The man escaped without injury but caused extensive damage to the £28,000 M3 model in the incident, which happened shortly after 1pm on Sunday, January 19.

PC Ricky Dowall, of the Humberside Police roads policing unit, said: “He bought the car from a local BMW dealer and within less than half an hour of owning the car, managed to write it off.

“There were no injuries at all but some damage to the barrier.

“He managed to rotate the car 180 degrees, causing extensive back end and front end damage.”

PC Dowall said officers from the Highways Agency were first on the scene and thanked Russ Rucastle of BDV Recovery for protecting the scene until police arrived.

And PC Dowall said he believed the driver, who has not been named, was lucky to escape uninjured

He said: “He is extremely lucky to escape without injury but it is a good advert for BMW safety.

“If he had done that in a lower-end car, he might not have got away with it.”