Doorman Jailed after police find hundreds of tasers and CS gas disguised as mobile phones, torches and lipsticks

A formed doorman has been jailed after police found hundred tasers and CS gas canisters disguised as mobile phones, torches and lipsticks.

Police identified Matthew Bandoo after a package from China was traced to an address in Sheffield.

Police searched his home in Lydgate Hall Crescent, Crosspool, Sheffield, they recovered the parcel which, according to the customs declaration, contained “flashlights”.

However, inside the box was actually 52 tasers and 50 CS gas canisters which are both classed as banned weapons.


The gas canisters looked like lipsticks and the tasers were disguised as mobile phones and torches.


A further four tasers and one gas canister were found in the house and police also recovered a quantity of Mephadrone – a class B drug known as MKAT.

Bandoo, 29, appeared at Sheffield Crown Court on Wednesday 12 February where he pleaded guilty to possession of disguised firearms, possession of prohibited articles and possession of a class B drug.

Yesterday (Thursday 13 February) he was sentenced to five years for the crimes.

Detective Constable Bradley Ward said: “This was an unusual case in which these dangerous weapons had been made to look like everyday objects, concealing the potentially life-changing damage they could do.

“It still remains unclear as to what Bandoo aimed to do with more than 100 tasers and CS gas canisters but a trawl of his computer’s history was found to contain searches for stun guns, hidden stun guns and pepper spray.

“Thankfully the swift actions of colleagues in the UK Border Agency, and local officers, meant the items have been recovered and Bandoo is now rightly facing a lengthy time in jail.”