A driver is jailed for speeding and killing a young female passenger at 110 mph

A driver who raced at 110 mph before crashing and killing a teenage girl has been jailed for nine years today.

 James Neill, 35, who is a fisherman, ignored shouts  and screams from his passengers telling him to slow down on the A83 towards Tarbert, Argyll.

Neill lost control of his Honda Civic on a right hand -bend and crashed into a rock spinning them out of control.

Natasha Clark, 17, and her friend Sandra Harvey were trapped in the back seat of the vehicle and both were taken to hospital by emergency services. Front seat passenger Sean McGregor was also hurt in the accident and had to attend hospital.

Natasha Clark’s was airlifted to Glasgow Royal Infirmary where she later died the following day.

After the accident on August 20th 2012 Neill insisted to the police that he ” wasn’t speeding.”

He has been jailed for 9 years today.