66 Year Old Tackled to the floor in own home during robbery

Police have launched an Investigation after a 66-year-old woman was attacked in her own home in Spring Street, Barnsley.

The incident occurred at 8.45PM in the ours of darkness last night Sunday 9th February 2014.

A man knocked on her door requesting that she called a taxi for the man, she was then tackled to the floor by a second man.

They stole her handbag before making off from the scene in the direction of Princess Street, Police have confirmed the woman was not injured.

The man who knocked on the door is described as 5ft 9ins tall approximately 40 years old and spoke with a local accent . he had a black duffel coat with a grey hood pulled up.

The second man who tackled her to the floor is described as wearing a grey hooded with a black and white checked scarf, his face was covered.

Anyone with information is requested to contact South Yorkshire Police on 101.