22-Year-Old Matthew Pope Guilty of Elders Court Murder

A jury at Aberdeen High Court today found 22-year-old Matthew Pope guilty of the murder of 29-year-old Michael Given at a flat in Elders Court in Dundee last summer.

Michael was found dead within the flat in the early hours of Sunday 21 July 2013.

The Senior Investigating Officer, Detective Inspector Bobby Dow from Police Scotland’s Specialist Crime Division paid tribute to Michael’s family and the enquiry team. He said,

‘‘The murder of Michael Given was unfortunately a harsh example of the impact of alcohol related violence and I hope that the guilty verdict will go someway towards allowing Michael’s family to move on after enduring such a difficult six months.

‘‘The knowledge that Matthew Pope will now serve a significant period of his life behind bars may provide some reassurance, not only for Michael’s family but also for other members of the public, who thankfully will now not be exposed to such a violent person.

‘‘I would like to acknowledge my appreciation for Michael’s family and the understanding they showed during the police investigation and would also like to recognise the work of my colleagues at the Scottish Police Authority who provided the expert forensic support so vital in this murder investigation.’’