22-year-old DJ dies after #neknominate social media drinking game

A 22-Year-Old DJ named Ross Cummins was found unconscious in the early hours of Saturday 1st February.

It is believed he had taken part in the #neknominate  drinking game which is sweeping its way across the globe via social media networks.

The #neknominate  drinking came is a game in which you Neck a pint in the most creative way while recording yourself, Once you have necked your pint you make your #neknominate  meaning you Nominate another friend to neck a pint in which they have 24 hour to do so.

Ross was discovered in Macken Street on Dublin City Centre, it is believed he had just taken part in the Neck Nomination Challenge.

Only this week Breaking News Police warned of the dangers of taking part in #neknominate  after videos appearing on social media were becoming increasingly more risky and dangerous.