Woman missing from Mental health Unit

A 34 year old in Colchester has gone missing from the Lakes Unit, She has been missing since Saturday and police are worried about her state of mind.

Rayne Delaurentis was receiving treatment at The Lakes, Turner Road, Colchester, when she went out for the day and didn’t return.

Her mum Gina Hall said  “She is on medication and unless she takes them at the correct times she becomes disoriented and confused not even remembering where she lives, The staff at The Lakes managed to speak to her by telephone twice, The first time she said she was in town with friends at a restaurant. The last time was 6.45pm The staff at the Lakes said it sounded as though Rayne had put the phone on a table and walked away.”

Essex Police are searching and making Enquiries

If anyone has Information or spots her please dial Colchester 101