The New Teesside Incidents

Breaking News North (Teesside Incidents) is delighted to announce that we are changing slightly to bring you much better content.

We will be increasing our news output to bring you real news events as they happen on Teesside to keep you informed with the latest Incidents On Teesside from our team of researchers and contacts.

Over the past few weeks we have been recruiting a team of journalists, which will begin work within the next few weeks.

Our aim is to bring you news worthy updates and news events 24 hours a day.

We do not report petty incidents happening now, we will be reporting on real issues happening within Teesside, with the aim to bring communities together to have a more localised news for local people from local people.

We aim to highlight issues across Teesside that you believe should be here, We will for the first time be publishing your letters and reporting on most crime news across Teesside.

We hope you enjoy the changes as we become a bigger and better force of local media for Teesside, Discussing issues that really matter to your communities.