Strange loud bang Heard in Lincolnshire

Residents in Cleethorpes have been left baffled after hearing a loud bang early this morning, Thursday.

Families from across the region and East Yorkshire were awoken by a sound similar to a crack of thunder at around 3.30am.

Cleethorpes man, Tony Hamilton, took to Twitter after hearing the boom this morning.

He said: “That’s why I’m awake at this silly hour. Heard something that sounded like a bang.”

Others posted about the sound from as far away as

Derby. Many believed a thunderclap was to blame but the Met Office said there was no storm in the area at the time.

Writing on Facebook, Alan Key said the noise “Woke us up and scared us to death. People say it was thunder but to me it sounded more like an explosion.”

Martin Hardcastle also wrote on the social networking site saying it sounded like “amazingly loud thunder” at his house in Withernsea and Ruth Clarkson reported it in Patrington.

Michelle Ketley posted saying she was frightened by how sudden it was.

She wrote: “I’ve been thinking about it all morning. I was shaking when it woke me up and I’m not scared of thunder at all. It was very bizarre.”

Sharing her experience with a friend on Twitter, Corrine in Derby wrote: “I think it was just the one time but it was unreal. Never heard anything like it in my life.”

Met Office forecasters reviewed satellite images for the Mail and said although cloud cover at the time suggested there had been rain, there was no evidence of stormy weather or lightning strikes.

A spokeswoman said: “I can’t really see anything that would indicate a thunderstorm. The satellite shows banks of cloud going over but I can’t see anything that would cause a loud bang.”