Scott Topping jailed for criminal damage and affray

Scott Topping, aged 34, of Kings Lane, Wigton was sentenced to 32 months imprisonment today for affray and criminal damage.

On Sunday 22nd September 2013, police received a report at around 6pm of a man forcing his way into a property on Lime Court, Wigton. Topping held a knife to the throat of a female and threatened her. He then left the house but only to return later to the address at around 9.30pm. He then threw a bottle at the window causing it to smash and forced entry into the premises, police arrived whilst Topping was in the premises and arrested him.

Today (7th January 2014) Topping was sentenced to 32 months imprisonment, thirty months for affray and two months for criminal damage.

Detective Constable Paul Scougal said: “We are glad that this man has been brought to justice, the victims were understandably shaken from their ordeal and we hope that with this man being taken out of society they can find some closure.”