Police warn public of dangers of #neknominate craze

Police are warning members of the public of the catastrophic dangers they could face when participating in the latest social media craze – #neknominate.

The drinking trend, which originated from Australia, has spread across the UK via social media. The craze revolves round a person drinking a pint of alcohol in the most creative way they can, then uploading it to a Facebook page and nominating a friend to do so within 24 hours.

Police have received numerous concerns from members of the public who worried that the craze is becoming increasingly dangerous.

Chief Superintendent Steve Johnson said: “Whilst some may see it as a bit of fun, the consequences could be catastrophic . We are noticing that as the chain goes on as does the intensity of the situations people are putting themselves in. I’d ask that people act with responsibility and that they don’t put themselves in danger. I’d also act that if you receive a nomination please do not feel influenced to partake in any activity through peer pressure.”