Mark Duggan crowds gather at Tottenham Police station

A large crowd is gathering outside Tottenham Police station.

Following todays ruling by jury of Mark Duggan Lawful killing.

Earlier today the family said that their will be ‘no justice no peace’.

Further adding that “We are going to fight until we have no breath left in our body for Mark and his children.”

Breaking News Police can confirm that the gathering is mostly peaceful and no incidents have been reported.

The police this evening have cold weather and rain to thank for no escalation of events.

There are a lot of clearly angry people who have voiced their views on Twitter and Facebook tonight questioning how the killing of an unarmed man can be lawful.

Within Criminal Law it requires the officer who fired the fatal shot to fear their life’s immediately, although Mark Duggan was unarmed he was a high profile gang member, and criminal who had just been observed collecting a gun by police officers, entering a taxi and then lawfully stopped.

Duggan then hurled his gun away, at this point officers may have believed they were about to be shot.