‘He was executed' family fury at lawful killing of Mark Duggan

The enraged family of the man whose death sparked a summer of rioting tonight claimed police had got away with ‘executing’ him.

The family of Mark Duggan, The death of the man responsible for sparking the summer riots of 2011 have today claimed that the police have got away with ‘executing’ Mark.

The family reacted angrily and with outrage as the inquest ruled against what they had wanted. It was ruled that he was lawfully killed.

The family reacted by smashing up furniture, kicking doors and screaming abuse, The jurors were forced in to a safe room for their own safety.

The family and supporters shouted torrent of abuse at police officers and the press constantly shouting ‘No justice, no peace’ and ‘F*** the police’

The Metropolitan Police’s assistant commissioner, Mark Rowley, was surrounded by supporters who spat at him, shouted ‘f*** the police’ and. ‘Who killed Mark Duggan’ as he tried to speak.

Carol Duggan said “The majority of people in this country know Mark was executed. He was executed and we still believe that.”

Mark was shot dead in Totteham, North London in August 2011 which sparked the London riots.

The jury accepted the polices account of what had happened and that officers feared their lives, and fired a fatal shot.

The family lawyer Marica Willis Stewart claimed that he was murdered as he had no gun in his hand.

Mark Duggan mother Pamela has warned of potential violence: ‘Whoever has a child, whatever colour, whatever age, take care of them because this is not going to stop. Lock up your children.