Cleveland Police has ran out of chances! Corruption hit force.

Cleveland Police is facing political scrutiny over fresh serious allegations of corruption that appears to run deep within the force.

Chief Constable Jacqui Cheer would have hoped her force would be free from such allegations in 2014.

Following claims that Cleveland Police failed to correctly investigate a ‘sexual predator’ within its own force allowing him to continue as a police officers for some time to follow.

Keith Vaz Member of parliament has said Cleveland Police has ran out of chances in the latest scandal to hit the train crash of a police force and now faces serious questions about the long term future of the force.

The Ex-Cleveland Police Officer Wayne Scott was convicted of sexual allegations involving the raping of two women and sexual assault of a child.

The Police officer turned rapist was known to have trawled computer systems to gain more personal information on his potential rape victims.

31 known women were stalked on the police national computer, which Cleveland Police investigated in 2010 three years before he was convicted of raping two women.

Cleveland Police only spoke to three of the 31 women who he targeted on internal computer systems and the allegations were dropped by the professional standards department. Providing evidence serious allegations that Cleveland Police could have prevented the crimes and failed to investigate him efficiently.

Keith Vaz MP, the chairman of the Home Affiars Select Committee, said: “This is a very serious turn of events which will require great scrutiny.

“The select committee has always been concerned about the allegations of corruption in Cleveland and the plethora of investigations. But this is a particular serious set of allegations.

“I think they’ve totally run out of chances.”