Breaking News Police Now On iOS and Android

We are today delighted to announce the launch of our NEW Android app, Which allows you to keep updated with the Latest Breaking News.

We have established a great relationship with our developers who have supported the development of our application in to the App Store and Google Play Store.

We are delighted to announce ‘Breaking News Police’ is now available for download on iOS and Android app.

Allowing us to move forward with our plans to become a professional media organisation, We now have all the technology in place to deliver this plan and drive our brand forward.

The launch of the Application in association with  Mobile Rockit is a great step forward. We have been making lots of changes behind the scenes, restructuring our teams and our focus to bring you the best news first, from crime and policing before you see it on the telly and in your newspapers.

Only last week we announced our new partnership with ‘Complete Traffic Network’ now allowing us to bring traffic updates from across the United Kingdom to your pocket to keep you moving.