Bradford woman sentenced for making hoax bomb calls

Jacqueline Hustler, aged 48 from Bradford was sentenced to over three years at Bradford Crown Court for communicating false information with intent.

On Tuesday 29th October, Hustler made a number of hoax calls to various places across the Country reporting bombs being on the premises, including to places in Millom and Kendal.

Three calls were received by Cumbria Police, one from a Marks and Spencer in Kendal, one from Millom Hospital and one from Westmorland General Hospital, Kendal. All reported the same circumstances that they had received a call to state that there was a bomb on the premises.

In the call to Marks and Spencer in Kendal, Hustler called herself Marcus Cartwright and alleged a bomb had been planted in the store. She also said that the person responsible was still on the premises holding a member of staff and a young child hostage. This called for a full response by Police to ensure public safety. It was quickly established that it had been a hoax call.

Hustler was arrested by West Yorkshire Police following her identification as a result of work carried out by detectives in Cumbria. She was sentenced to three and a half years at Bradford Crown Court on 23rd January 2014.