Boxer Mark Denton murder a blood bath

On New Year’s Eve 2013 Mark Denton Attended a house party at around 10pm on Hutton Avenue in Hartlepool, by 10.40 he had been brutally attacked with an ‘Ice Axe’ the wounds fatal, resulting in the Murder of Mark Denton.

It’s believed a ice axe was used in the brutal however police have refused to comment on the weapon used.

He was pronounced dead that night, New Years celebrations at a busy house party turned to a blood bath, a scene from a horror film.

A party goer who does not want to be named has told ‘Teesside Incidents’ that he saw mark dying on the ground, while people screamed, and ran out the house in fear, he saw mark with deep cuts to his head, face, chest and neck.

Blood filled the property spattered all around, while his girlfriend who was distraught and another female attempted to save his lifeless body.

Up to 30 people had been celebrating in the house that night, tension began building between two groups of people.

Police arrived quickly followed by an ambulance the scene was immediately sealed off following the violence minuets before, Mark was rushed to hospital were he was produced dead.

Police immediately launched a murder investigation resulting in three people being arrested on suspicion of murder. A 17 year-old male, a 23 year old and another man within his 20s all remain in custody.

Anyone with information should telephone (01642) 302198 or the non-emergency number 101.