Boro Taxi's back tracks claiming it all to be lies

Boro Taxis has today admitted that it suspended carrying disabled passengers in a row over disabled fairs but claims it is a “public misconception.”

They admitted that they had stopped carrying passengers because of a pricing with Middlesbrough Council as they were requires to charge more for hiring a minibus out. But claim it never banned disabled passengers just suspended them.

However after reviewing there position boro taxis has now gone back on what they said and allowed disabled people to be carried once again.

Thousands of people threatened to boycott the firm and with the news of the firm back tracking and even calling the media liars over the matter people still claim they wont be using the firm again.

People believe they should have there operators licence revoked.

With that news the company has decided to provide subsidised travel and take the cost of the bigger vehicle blaming Middlesbrough council for not seeing ‘sense’.

Boro Taxis said “Mohammed Bashir and the other directors of Boro Cars are concerned that there is a public misconception of the problems for private hire operators of operating wheelchair accessible vehicles.

“The majority of vehicles operated by Boro Cars are not capable of carrying passengers who are confined to wheelchairs. Some minibuses are adapted for this purpose. Those vehicles are rented to drivers and the drivers expect that when a customer books that vehicle he, the driver, will receive the fare appropriate to that vehicle. He expects a fare of approximately twice that appropriate for a smaller car. The drivers therefore are reluctant to take a fare of half that which they would expect for that vehicle.”