79 year old woman open letter to burglar

The elderly victim of a burglary in Cardiff has written an open letter to the person responsible as part of an appeal for information.


Mrs Dorothy Iris Mayer, 79, returned home from a hospital appointment to her house in Fairwater on Friday, January 17, to discover that her front door was locked from the inside.

Once inside, she discovered that her home had been ransacked by burglars who stole money, jewellery, a purse and a phone.

A police investigation is continuing and detectives believe the culprit is local to the area.

Now in an appeal for information, Mrs Mayer has released a photograph of the mess left behind and written an open letter to the person responsible in the hope it will encourage them, or those with information, to contact police.

The burglary happened the day before she attended her grandson’s funeral.
In the letter she says: “Pity you didn’t wait one more day, you would have had the house to yourself and maybe left it as you found it, clean and tidy, not like a tip.

“You obviously went with your muddy boots straight to the bedrooms where you left muddy prints all over my cream carpets, even the goods you threw on the floor, you walked over without any concern.

“I do hope you made a mistake and are caught. If it is stealing to pay for drugs you need help before it kills you, I would like to suggest you are made to go cold turkey and clean up your way of life.”

It is believed the person or person’s responsible gained access to the back of the house via a footpath which runs between Keystone road and Tangmere Drive.

Once inside the property they changed a bedroom light bulb possibly to enable them to see better.

Detective Constable Geraint Higgins, from South Wales Police, said: “This elderly victim has been left devastated by what has happened.

“Whoever was responsible mercilessly ransacked her home to look for something to steal. “The victim has shown tremendous bravery and we are appealing for information that will help us make an arrest.

“People may have been offered a mobile phone, or they may have seen or found a purse discarded in the area.

“We’d like to speak to anybody who may have noticed somebody acting suspiciously, especially along the footpath from midday until around 3.30pm on Friday afternoon.”

It is believed the house was burgled some time between 1pm and 3.30pm.
Anyone with information can contact South Wales Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111 quoting occurrence number 62140016132.