10 year old girl approached by male van driver

Officers in Forfar are investigating a suspicious incident in the town on Wednesday 8 January.

At about 5.40pm a 10-year-old girl was riding her yellow and black scooter in Westfield Loan, near to the junction with Old Halkerton Road, when a small white van drew up alongside her and the man driving the van attempted to engage her in conversation before driving off.

The man driving the van is described as being about 60-years-old and was either bald or had very short hair. He had a distinctive long dark full beard and he was wearing dark framed glasses and a checked shirt.

The van is described as being very dirty and had smear marks down the side and a small dent in the rear passenger side of the van. The rear doors of the van had black handles with one of these hanging off the vehicle. A newspaper was sitting on the dashboard at the passenger side.

A Spokeswoman for Police Scotland Tayside Division said,

‘’Officers returned to the area last night to carry out checks on vehicles travelling through the area. Letters have also been sent to local residents making them aware of the incident and appealing for any information from them.

‘’We would very much like to trace the driver of this vehicle in order to establish the nature of his business in the area and whether this may be a false alarm with good intent or something else.’’

Anyone who can identify the man driving the van or the location of the van should get in touch with Police Scotland Tayside Division on 101.