Teesside effected by storms and tidal surge #UKStorms

Teesside yesterday faced the worst Storm and Tidal surge in 60 years providing a challenging and ongoing situation for modern day policing, putting to test all the pre-planned responses in place from Cleveland Police.

Although it is believed no one was harmed yesterday in Teesside there was a number of serious and at time dangerous situations unfolding across Teesside.

The day started with reports of fallen trees and Chimneys crashing to the ground, Police Cordons were in place across Teesside in Hartlepool, Middlesbrough, Stockton and many more locations.

As darkness feel and tides reached there highest flooding began in Hartlepool, Closing off the towns headland cutting people and residents off from Hartlepool, Emergency services opened the Brus Tunnel to allow people to exit the towns Headland.

In Middlesbrough Flooding was reported on the Middleheaven site resulting in serious flooding around the Middlesbrough Football Stadium, The Crown Prosecution Service and Middlesbrough College.

The Cleveland Centre then feel in to a complete blackout as Middlesbrough feel in to darkness for hours, every business premises in the centre of Middlesbrough including Teesside University was left without power for some time.

Police then started an emergency evacuation of 300 homes in Port Clearance as a fast surge of water hit the small town, Police moved them to nearby community centres ensuring they remained warm and safe.

Flooding blocked and trapped a number of motorists on Portrack lane, in Stockton Asda quickly stepped in offering those stranded free tea and coffee.

Redcar and Saltburn then saw flooding which completely submerged seaside car parks in deep water.