Stockton Police Brutality accused video goes viral

Breaking News Police and Teesside Incidents was the first media organisation to break the news of alleged police brutally on Stockton high street.

Since then the video has gone viral with online comments not too believing of Cleveland Police Professional Standards Stance on the matter calling for an immediate investigation to be launched into the circumstances.

Although Cleveland Police responded to our request and released a statement which confirmed professional standards had viewed the video and there would be no further action.

The footage which clearly shows one police officer knee the man who was on the floor restrained at the time and the shows another police officer punch the suspect repeatedly. But these are all less than reasonable force considering two officers have already been injured.

Police Officers then restrain a women at the scene. We agree with Cleveland Police Having Personally completed a police officer safety training course that there is NO excessive force, the visual representation is greater than it is due to the number of officers.

Police Officers don’t get let off lightly and are treat more harshly were law and professional standards departments are. We praise the professional standards department for acting quickly in response to this.

After all police officers are here to protect and ran in to assist with the situations, incidents like this are not worth there house, there job and there freedom, Cleveland Police have acted with professionalism after two officers were assaulted.

Please read the statement here.